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Several ways to raise the life of the rose are arranged

One of the things that her freshness is influencing the space of the apartment house is the flower's freshness in the flower.

To enhance the lifespan of the rose from the cut branch, we can use the following methods to multiply the beauty and freshness of our flowers.

1.Check the flowers that are arranged or newly purchased from the branch; When the bottom of the flower, Push your petals to stick to the stem, See if it is soft or tight.

If it is stiff, the rose is fresh;otherwise it will not be fresh.

  1. The flowers are fading without water. One of the reasons why flowers usually sell their flowers in a cool water bin is that the low temperature causes the fresh flower to stay. So try to put it in a damp or damp cloth on the way of buying or picking it.
  2. Separate the leaves that are blooming through the pot underneath.
  3. Take stems that are drooping or dry and rotten every day; Get water and food they need every day.
  4. The flowers, in addition to receiving water from their stalks, also use water vapor in the air throughout the day; So spray water on the petals of that.
  5. You do not need to keep flowers in the refrigerator; Keep flowers away from the fireplace, stove and direct sunlight.It is enough to not damage his petals.

And the last thing to do is to wash the flower pot well with water and detergent and rinse it; This will not only lead to germicide but also maintains the beauty, refreshness and cheerfulness of your sweetheart.

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Rose types by name and colors | Rose flower types

Roses or Red flower are from the family of Red flower or Rosacea, whose bushes are tall and short, and scrolling with wooden stems.

In some species, its leaves are non-permanent and in some permanent species.

Rose types

Rose Feet Short, Crepe, Rose Long Shoots, Crying roses, and others.

Rose Feet Short

Shrubs that link it to roots or stems close to the soil.

Rose Crepe

After the close bonding of the soil, followed by the pruning of its lateral branches, the plant grows to form a crepe.

Rose Long Shoots

Shrubs that cut the graft onto a flat and bare stalk to a height of one meter to one meter and half.

Roses scrolling

These are special types whose branches grow up and climb up to hold them by special metal scaffolds or bases.

Rose Crying

If any of these grafts are linked to a stem of Nastaran Mountain, then they have landed on its branches.

Maybe it has come to you that you have gone to the flower shop to buy the flowers and have chosen the various colors of the rose. But we are stuck in a couple of ways and we do not know what is right for our position. So come along with us to tell you which color you choose.

The red rose in the whole world is a symbol of pure love. Also, the red rose in the past has been a symbol of politics and religion.

A yellow rose like the sun brings a joy and health. The Yellow Rose brings to the audience a cursory message of Platonic love.

Purple Rose is a symbol of grandeur and splendor. You can give purple roses to your boss or manager.

Pink Rose is a symbol of appreciation and sympathy .

Orange Rose takes love and interest from a yellow rose and takes love from red roses and the icon of mania.

The white rose is a symbol of pure love and the bride's rose is also famous.

Black Rose has been a sign of death and sadness, but in fact it is a sign of farewell.

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Rose types by name and colors | Rose flower types
Several ways to raise the life of the rose are arranged
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